Our Clients' Stories

Net ‘n paar woorde van dankbaarheid aan Vergelegen Dieetkundiges vir professionele diens en kundigheid aangaande voeding, aanvullings en suksesvolle gewigsverlies. Dit het ‘n hele nuwe wêreld vir my oopgemaak in my verhouding met elke dag se gesond eet en om ‘n kwaliteit lewe te lei.
Ek kan hulle absoluut hoog aanbeveel!
— Petro Jacobs

My name is Derek, and I suffer from OBESITY, and this is my story:

In April last year I was given an ultimatum by my doctor to lose at least 20 kg’s in the following 6 months or I would be declared medically unfit for work. He recommended that I consider a banding procedure. Needless to say this concept scared the hell out of me!

I was referred to Marlene by a friend of mine in the medical profession who suggested that a dietary solution was a more moderate way of achieving the same goal. I was mortified, because, to be brutally honest, I have to admit that I really enjoy a hearty meal paired with some of the Cape’s best Bordeaux blends.

Marlene taught me, in baby talk, how my digestive system works and explained how the different food groups each contribute to a wholesome nutritious diet. She clearly showed me the dangers of ‘fad’ dieting, and explained the importance of regular exercise. She set goals for me and carefully briefed my wife on suggested meal plans etc. She left no stone un-turned in her efforts to ensure that there was a successful outcome at the end of the deadline set by my doctor. I carefully followed her instructions and was able to present myself at the medical examination 6 months later having lost 23kg’s and in a much healthier condition than before, needless to say my doctor was delighted with the result.

One of the best things about this whole thing is that I feel so much more energetic and am able to enjoy life including the new way of eating so much more than before. Is it easy, hell no! The end result is so rewarding that the small little sacrifices that I have to make are well worth it.
I am still a work in progress, but as long as I stick to the three principles namely:

Mental acceptance that I suffer from obesity and always will
Stick to the healthy eating habits as described by Marlene
Regularly exercise (30 to 40 minutes per day (walking is fine)

I should have no problem staying on top of this.
— Derek Lord