where personalised nutrition meets clinical excellence

  • Energetic and dynamic team that are results driven.
  • Somerset West, Strand, Stellenbosch and beyond.

  • Extensive range of services to cater for every nutritional need in all walks of life.

  • Individualised client approach that ensures the best possible outcomes for your health and treatment of your condition or disease.

  • Holistic approach and work closely with other members of your medical team.

Our Specialities

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Our Services

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  • One to One Consultations:
    • Initial consultation
    • Follow-up consultations
  • Vitality Nutrition Assessments
  • DNA Analysis
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Media consultation, public speaking and workshops
  • Clinical and hospital nutritional therapy

Why Vergelegen Dietitians?

Nutrition is a science and Vergelegen Dietitians are recognised experts in the field of evidence based nutrition. There are many unscientific health and nutrition publications, fad diets and nutrition gimmicks around. If you consult a dietitian at Vergelegen Dietitians you are protected from misleading treatments and misinformation.


We are a team of dietitians with 50 years of experience between us, in a wide variety of specialties and we practice to the highest national and international standards.


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